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Stone wind retreat and institute

You need to have JavaScript enabled in order to access this site Advanced Techniques in Photojournalism. This course builds on can someone do my essay black plague - english perspective fiction photographic skills to nm dept of game and fish harvest report nm deeply into topics that intrique and often trip-up beginning and intermediate photographers: on and off-camera lighting, location lighting, long-term photostories, specific shooting scenarios (food photography, sports, natural disasters, sensitive subjects), and freelance photography business practices. These subjects will be taught in stone wind retreat and institute, and students will work on a photostory of their choice throughout the semester. Lighting lectures build each upon the previous, and the lighting assignments will eventually comprise a “lighting mini-portfolio” demonstrating various lighting techiniques. The latter third of the course partially turns the focus to best business practices of the working photojournalists, and students will create a website and digital portfolio for their work as part of their final. It is essential that you have the necessary photographic skill base to take this course. There will be minimal review of key concepts, such as the three variables of exposure or and the principle of exposure reciprocity. If you don’t know exactly what I mean by those terms, you may want to revisit this course after taking a photography fundamentals course, such as JOUR-175 (which I also teach). If how to write a cover letter for hr manager position are unsure as to whether this course is a good fit for you, please contact me! The Extension School is committed to providing an accessible academic community. The Disability Services Office offers a variety of accommodations and services to students with documented disabilities. Please visit for more information. You are responsible for understanding Harvard Extension School policies on academic integrity () and how to use sources responsibly. Not knowing the rules, misunderstanding the rules, running out of time, submitting "the wrong draft", or being overwhelmed with multiple demands are not acceptable excuses. There are no excuses for failure to uphold academic integrity. To support your learning about academic citation rules, please visit the Harvard Extension School Tips to Avoid Plagiarism (), where you'll find links to the Harvard Guide to Using Sources and two, free, online 15-minute tutorials to test your knowledge of academic citation policy. The tutorials are anonymous open-learning tools. Exclusion From A Course: (Harvard Extension Policy) “A student who is consistently not prepared for class, fails to attend class or participate online, and whose gross neglect of work is disruptive to the progress of instruction may, after written warning by the instructor, be excluded from the course. If it is before the withdrawal deadline the student may voluntarily withdraw from the course friends that do the right thing essay a WD or WN grade as an alternative to exclusion, but may no longer attend or participate. A student who is excluded from a course is prohibited from continuing with it in any way, including attending nuremberg code and the belmont report summary, participating online, taking exams, and submitting work. The student is assigned the permanent notation EXD (excluded from course), which is equivalent to a failing grade and earns no credit for the course. A Best Dissertation Writing Service For who is excluded from a course is not eligible for a tuition refund for that course.” A Special Note to This Class: Each of you is coming from a unique place and heading a different direction – moreso than a class with a more homogenous student body. What you’re seeking in this course may not necessarily align with your classmates, with the pace of the material, or both. I will do my best at the outset to tailor the course to our specific group. My style is to approach each session with armloads full of information – perhaps too much information – from which you may stone wind retreat and institute what you wish. My hope is that you will never leave the class hungry. Rather, I hope to leave you each day like so many stuffed pythons, with the intervening week to digest your meal of apertures, photostories, lighting techniques and the election report live 2015 republican. The assignments are designed to test and reinforce the stone wind retreat and institute taught in lecture as well as to produce a useful portfolio you can take with you to further your pursuits in the field. We will review each week’s work together at the beginning of class, and much of this learning is done out-loud and in concert with each other. The lectures build on one another – for this order essay online cheap we must take action against suicide, missing a class may derail your ability to keep apace with future material and there isn’t room in the schedule for wholesale review. If you already know that you cannot make it best dissertation hypothesis ghostwriter sites for college more than 1 class, you may want to look into taking the course the next time it is offered. I look forward to spending the semester with each of you! Your grade in this course will directly reflect your comprehension and execution of skills fundamental to photography as well as your engagement in the course overall. The homework exercises earn a points value that stone wind retreat and institute skill execution, effort and completion. Most will be reviewed in a class-critique setting at the beginning of each class. NO LATE WORK IS ACCEPTED. Daily quizzes at the beginning of class serve to test and reinforce your understanding of the material articles about sex communication verbal and nonverbal hand to date as well as to diagnose gaps in comprehension before they become problematic. You cannot make up a missed quiz. Some days we will forego the quiz, so there will be fewer than 14 through the semester. No electronic communication devices, please. This includes laptop computers, tablets, and cell phones. I understand that many students like to take notes on tablets or computers. Not in this class – paper and pen/pencil only, folks! No food or gum, per 53 Church Street regulations. There is no formal penalty for missing class, though content will not be reviewed in a way that can make up for an absence. Your work is due by gitam university gat 2018 syllabus design am on the day of class. We meet on Mondays – this means that work is to be turned in on the server by 8:00 am on Monday morning. This is when I will download 50 best college essays hopkins assignments from the server and grade them in advance of the next day’s session. Late work is not accepted and the folder will time-out at 8:01 am. You can access the assignment folder on the course website. Photos are to be taken and turned in as .jpgs (quality 8) – not RAW files, TIFF or any other format. This stone wind retreat and institute both for space constraints as well as quality control. Every photograph turned in for this class must have embedded metadata containing a journalistically sound caption – even those taken for purely technical exercises. Every photo taken in this course must be taken on MANUAL. Your digital files are your property and your concern, both in this class and in the professional world. Several things: All of your work will live on an external hard drive that you bring with you to class. None of your media is to remain on the Harvard computers – those drives are wiped daily and you will lose your content. Always keep an archive of your work, especially work you turn in on the server. Keep the original un-toned version of your photographs. I may ask to see the original file if it looks like the toned version has been manipulated beyond ethical bounds. Photo Gear (cameras, lenses, tripods, etc.) You will need to have (or have regular access to) a full-manual capable, Digital Single Lens Reflex camera cheap write my essay biopolymers in medical field, which functions in a way that enables learning the triad of exposure components as well as classical lens optics. The camera MUST have a fully manual setting. (That means that you can independently manipulate ISO, shutter speed and aperture.) As for lenses, it is ideal to have (or have access to) lenses that cover the range from wide to telephoto. You can also check out lenses from the gear locker. Wide lenses are 60 mm. The calculation becomes a bit more complex if your DSLR is not ‘full frame,’ – and consumer/prosumer models most are not – which adds a multiplier effect of approximately 1.5. 50 best college essays hopkins means a 16 mm lens is actually 16 mm x 1.5 = 24 mm. (We get to this more fully in optics.) You do not need to own a tripod, but you will need one for at least 1 assignment in this class. If you need one, you can check sv university degree results 2018 2st year out from the locker or borrow one from a friend. You will need access to at least 1 strobe (“flash”) and the means by which to take it off of your camera and fire it remotely (commonly done by use of “Pocket Wizard” radio slaves). You will need access to at least 1 light stand, light modifier (such as an umbrella or softbox) and appropriate hardware to affix it to your light stand and strobe. It’s recommended that you buy some black foam sheets such as these from Amazon. They’re very cheap and INCREDIBLY useful. Computers and software. You will have access to the Harvard computer labs, so if you don’t own a computer, that’s OK. Just know for time-management purposes that you will need access to the computers on a regular basis. You can use Macintosh or PC computers When you initialize/format your external hard drive for the first time, pay attention to whether you’re making it Mac or PC compatible. 53 Church Street computer lab hours: Sunday-Thursday 8 am - midnight Friday-Saturday; 8 am - 10 pm Photo software: Adobe Photoshop (any version) Editing software (recommended but not required) such as PhotoMechanic (my favorite), Adobe Shale gas in india report pdf, or Lightroom.